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At Transcar Projects we provide all manner of logistical services that are tailored to cater exactly to your specific aims and requirements. If it’s a small parcel requiring consolidation, a one off container movement or a complex sea/air charter, you can trust the experts in our organisation will ensure your cargo is handled in the most cost effective and efficient manner with the utmost care and attention.


Land Operations

Most cargo movements contain a land element within the logistics supply chain. Specific planning and understanding of how this vital piece of the jigsaw interfaces with any of the requirements for the Sea and Air, as well as dedicated land only transport, is vital. At Transcar Projects, we have extensive knowledge of a broad spectrum of land transport related activity, which includes:-

  • Full or part load trailer operations
  • Heavy and out of gauge transport operations (including permit planning and applications)
  • Skidding and jacking
  • Packing and warehousing throughout global ports and cities
  • Intra-continental rail movements
  • Provision of cranes for lifting and discharging operations
  • Route and feasibility studies
  • Site operations (Including placing heavy equipment to foundation)

Air Operations

Airfreight, by its very nature, requires a vastly different approach to that of Seafreight. Generally, the cargo is urgent and may also require specialised packing and handling via any number of intermediary nodes. At Transcar we understand “urgent” very well and can draw on many years of experience in respect of a wide range of elements that this specialised freight requires, which includes:-

  • Standard Combi & PAX Aircraft
  • Freighter Aircraft
  • Air Charters (Including AN225, AN124, IL76, B747F)
  • Urgent Charter Load Attendance
  • Specialist Airfreight Packing & Handling
  • Hazardous Planning

Sea Operations

Within the sea operating scope there are numerous sub-categories that make up the various aspects of a turnkey solution. At Transcar we are able to offer all of these, which include:-

  • Container services
  • Full/part charters
  • Breakbulk
  • Ro-Ro
  • Coasters
  • Barges

Additional Services

In addition, we also have a range of other services that sit outside of the basic logistics related space. Although these services are not directly related, they are an equally important element of the total logistics solution and include:-

  • Manpower Supply (Long and Short Term Contracting)
  • Transport Management Services
  • Marine Warranty Surveying
  • Duty Exemption and Deferment Review Contracting (Including Master Supply List Compilation)

We understand that not all logistics activity relates solely to projects. This was a key driver for the creation of a division to provide added value outside the project arena, which we named the Specialist Freight Division (SFD).

This team has been compiled using a cross section of staff with experience in all aspects of logistics management, including Land, Sea and Air as well as the more complex elements such as letters of credit, VAT and duty exemption/deferment processes. They also provide valuable support to the project teams when new rates and options are required in respect of changes in supply scope.

This combined knowledge in all services and areas of expertise span a broad range of inter-related functions that correlate to provide the seamless turnkey solutions that our clients require. Whilst these elements break down into a more granular set of functions, they can be categorised at a higher level into many of the four main areas as outlined on this page.

Delivering world class logistics control with Vision, Precision and Passion.