Transcar Projects Ltd (145805)
Silos delivery Avonmouth
November 2018

Transcar delivered seven silos to the Avonmouth Waste to Energy Plant. Whilst this order did not pose significant challenges to the ship and her operation given their weight, the configuration and size of these units  generated complexities within the onshore delivery schedule. Accordingly, advance planning and coordination were required due to the oversize elements. A route survey was carried out prior to arrival, which highlighted a number of obstacles between the port and site, whereby a number of overhead piping racks, electrical wires and telephone lines had to be removed to allow clearance. The tallest pieces required a series of articulated low-loaders, whereas the smaller pieces were transported using semi-low loaders. Transcar Projects cooperated with the various authorities including the local Police and council, Western Power and BT Openreach in order to obtain permits for moving the cargo to site. All of this was driven by time sensitive schedules to ensure all applications and approvals were lodged in a manner that allowed aligning permits for that one specific day.